Phylososri is just a name I figured out by my self. It sounds catchy to my ears. I’m sorry if you are here by mistake, expecting to find some boring analysis about things in life. My humble blog is only about my thoughts, what happened in my life, and things that I like the most: books and cooking.

Cooking. You’ll find more posts on this than on books (I like reading but I’m not a good reviewer). I love cooking coz I’ve got a wonderful chef in the house: my Mom. I like the way my dad used to compliment her cookings and I do believe that you can get someone’s heart through his/her stomach. And of course cooking by my self has saved my money ^_^

Why am I posting in English? I do speak Indonesian and love posting about Indonesian food. I thought posting in English will help curious foreigners to learn about my country’s wonderful cuisine.

What was I doing in the picture above? I was having one of the greatest time in my life, taking pics of birds and swans by a lake half world from my home. Uhhmm, sorry, you didn’t ask that? Well, just go back to my blog’s home then. Hope you’ll find something interesting to read ^_^ .


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